Zither Musical Instrument

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  • Jubel Tone Vintage Harp 60-70's Germany Musima Markneukirchen Zither 33 Strings
  • Rare Vintage 1850 Swiss Glarner Cittern/zither, Museum Grade Withdual Soundholes
  • New 48 Professional Guqin Chinese 7-stringed Zither Instrument Fu-hsi Stl #4001
  • 25-string Concert Kayagum, Gayageum, Korean Zither Koto Instrument
  • Guqin Chinese Seven-stringed Zither Ancient Instrument Strings(123cm)
  • Scarlet Bird Zhuque Top Performance Guzheng, Chinese Zither Harp, 010b -
  • 64 Log Handmade Whole Digging Guzheng Chinese Musical Zither Koto #5162
  • Gayageum 25 Strings Korean Traditional Zither Kayageum Ethnic Zither Harp
  • Zither Heaven 12-string Lap Harp Maple & Black Walnut
  • Antique Musical Instrument Mandolin Harp/zither With Papers And Box
  • Chinese Guzheng, Chinese Zither Harp, Koto, -
  • Profi Zither Horst Teller, Harfenzither, Modell 90/1, Verstellbarer Sattel/steg